Juan Manuel Martínez Méndez MD.

Dr. Juan Manuel Martínez Méndez graduated in 1987 from Pontificia Universidad Javeriana located in Bogotá, Colombia. Although alternative medicine captured his attention prior to entering the University, it was only after he attended a seminar in 1992 that he really began intense research and study of this topic.

He completed one year of Traditional Chinese Medicine that also involved other holistic approaches.

Dr. Martinez is a firm proponent of nutrition as a key in dealing with most diseases.

After intensive studies regarding hormones disturbances, along with orthomolecular medicine, homeopathy, medical bioinformatics, nutritional assessment, and natural hormone support or restoration (T3, T3/T4, natural desiccated thyroid, pregnenolone, progesterone, DHEA), he developed an integrative approach for treating hypothyroidism and other chronic illnesses. 

He began studying Homeopathy approaches in 1994.
In 1999 he received a Homeopathic Therapeutics  Diploma from the Centre d’Enseignement et Développement de l’ Homéopathie (C.E.D.H.) in Boiron–Balcas, Bogotá, Colombia. His three children were the inspiration for The Post-Vaccinal Syndrome, which he validated in a homeopathic course and then wrote a thesis on the topic at Fundación Instituto Colombiano de Homeopatía Luis G. Páez in 2001

Dr. Martinez is a leader in the field Regenerative Medicine, Conventional and Complementary practice and research. He has investigated the treatment of acute and chronic diseases in depth and has been a pioneer in the area of glandular diseases and post vaccinial syndrome. His excellent reputation earned him a full scholarship during 1999 to 2003 to Homoeopathic Online Education, an Internet post graduate course in advanced homeopathy.

He has been a member of the The Science Advisory Board, The Scientist (http://www .science board.net/).

His personal approach involves four fundamental areas that are complimentary and interdependent, whereby when correct-ing one, the others follow:

  • 1. Eucapnia, recently described by Professor Buteyko, concerns maintaining of the desirable concentration (6.5%) of CO2 in lung alveoli. This is achieved via Buteyko therapy, a simple education program aimed at reversing chronic hyperventilation that can be an underlying cause of more than 100 illnesses.
  • 2. Eustress, previously described in studies by the late Dr. Selye, concerns not manifesting low or high stress, but the optimum (helped by sports) for healthy living.
  • 3. Eukinetics, described by osteopathy, ortho-binonomy, etc., concerns the proper and desirable structural relation of bones, joints, ligaments which is accomplished through disciplined exercise.
  • 4. Euglycaemia, is the work horse and research shows that an optimal level of glucose around the clock is essential to obviating acute (as well as life-threatening situations like septicemia), chronic, and degenerative conditions.

Translation into Spanish

• General Analysis Du Docteur Cyrus Maxwell Boger
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• Première Et Deuxième Prescriptions. (Tableau synoptique). Dr. Robert Seror
• Répertoire Des Suppressions En Homéopathie Generalities.
• Key notes comparatives Docteur Robert Séror.


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Member of  CONEM cCouncil for Nutritional and Environmental Medicine ver aquí

Member of Colombian Society of Preventive Medicine see this link 
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