Parkinsonism in simple words is defined as a gradual deterioration of nerve centres in brain, responsible for controlling moment; as degeneration proceeds, the delicate balance between Dopamine and Acetylcholine that ensures transmission of nerve impulses is also upset.
In most cases no obvious cause can be found, but in a few cases the culprit has been found to be carbon-monoxide poisoning, poisoning by heavy metals such as mercury or manganese, or drugs particularly phenothiazines used in the treatment of schizophrenia.

In allopathic science, Parkinsonism is usually controlled by anti-cholinergic drugs, but these can have unpleasant side effects. The following remedies have been useful to at least help the patient to stabilize their dose of anti-cholinergic drugs or to reduce their intensity of tremors or help in their rigidity or stiffness –

a) Neodynium metallicum 30 C has shown excellent results to gradually keep the tremor and rigidity under control.
b) Lolium 30 C has been found very effective in controlling the tremors.
c) Hyoscyamine hydrobrom 30 C has been effective in controlling rigidity and depression that frequently accompanies the disease.

Dr. Farokh Master M.D. (Hom), Ph.D.
Senior Homoeopathic Consultant
- Bombay Hospital
- Bhabha Atomic Research Centre

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