Vaccination and Homeopathy

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Vaccination and Homeopathy

Different Views of Homoeopaths towards vaccination:

Hahnemann, himself, was impressed with the homoeopathicity of the principle upon which vaccination is based, and cites certain diseases which have been known to be cured after vaccinia; yet the majority of homoeopaths, while they do not refuse to vaccinate, feel that it is a very crude method of procedure. Opinions vary; one class does not hesitate to vaccinate, others vaccinate only under protest and then
antidote its possible ill-effects by an appropriate homoeopathic remedy; still another class will not inoculate under any circumstances whatsoever.

It is known that the vaccine virus arouses certain latent psoric or scrofulous taints in the system, bringing about a state which has been called Vaccinosis. This refers to a condition of permanent impairment of health, which may lay the foundation for tubercular or other sycotic chronic disease. It is well to recall in this connection that the method known as "internal vaccination" had been successfully employed by the use of a homoeopathic preparation called Variolinum, a potentized preparation of the smallpox virus, which comparatively recently was so successfully employed as an immunizing measure in the State of Iowa united states of America, that legislative recognition was finally given to the method.

Did Hahnemann praise vaccination???
Those who argue that Hahnemann praised vaccinations, they refer to a quote written in the Organon from which they conclude that Hahnemann much appreciated vaccinations.
“By the way it is notable, that since the general distribution of Jenner’s Cow Pox vaccination, human
small-pox never again appeared as epidemically or virulently as 40-50 years before…”
§ 46 Organon
What was the real reason for Hahnemann to accept vaccination so positively?

In the chapters that precede paragraph 46 in the Organon he explains in detail the phenomena that existing disease symptoms will disappear temporarily or permanently due to the addition of a new disease. He refers to experiences gained by Dezoteux, Leroy and Wendt; who had observed the cure of former diseases after the application of smallpox vaccinations.

Hahnemann’ point was to confirm his discovered Law of Similars and these reports encouraged him and were very convenient for him in confirming in his new healing principle: that a disease is extinguished by a similar one.

At the same time Hahnemann made other statements which give one feel that Hahnemann never favored vaccination!!!!!

From the statements given below we can conclude that he rejected vaccinations? Hahnemann writes in the preface of the sixth edition of the Organon:

“Hence Homeopathy avoids everything in the slightest degree enfeebling… hence it employs for the cure only those medicines whose power for altering and deranging dynamically the health it knows accurately.”

Whereas vaccines as we know is a living culture with added substances (stabilizers) which prevents this culture from having a life of its own. These toxic substances, like mercury, aluminum, organic solvents, etc. surely evoke reaction with the remedy we give to our patients, further the culture of a vaccine prospers on a foreign individual; chicken egg protein, monkey kidneys, human embryos. In any case, it contains traces of foreign protein. Every experienced homeopath knows about the importance of single remedy. Hahnemann wrote an annotation on this point: homeopathy does give simple medicines, which it knows exactly. It does not give mixtures”.

Who has eradicated many infectious diseases?

Aphorism number 4 says:

“He is, likewise, a preserver of health if he knows the things that derange health and cause and sustain disease, and how to remove them from persons in health.”

True prevention requires knowledge about the general living conditions which cause diseases. This concerns the adequate supply of fresh foods and a balanced nutrition, human housing conditions, proper clothing to protect themselves against cold and heat, pure drinking water, ways to keep body and clothes
clean, and an efficient waste disposal, functioning canalization, etc., not to mention social peace and working conditions, family bonds and social order. It surely makes sense to everybody that the probability of infectious diseases like diphtheria, measles and pertussis and the general health of the population suffer during times of famine, destruction of all civilizing institutions by means of wars and insufficient care of the sick.

These universally accepted correlations between living circumstances and development of disease are evident for everybody skilled in the art of healing. But a constant, consciously applied propaganda beclouds the
correct view of these facts in even practicing homeopathic physicians.

Therefore it is not surprising that some homeopaths also attribute the decrease of infectious diseases at first to the effects of vaccinations. But it has been known for a long time that infectious diseases like measles, diphtheria etc. had already definitely declined before the introduction of vaccinations. This decrease began when, as a result of technological progress, social advancement, and general hygienic knowledge, it became possible to cover the basic needs of men.

What is the damage???
It is undeniable that countless people have lost their life and health by means of vaccinations. What does it mean when a physician himself sees healthy people pass away, rendered chronically ill, or crippled due to vaccinations? Why did Hahnemann abandon his occupation after his first experiences in medical practice? Did he point with shrugging shoulders to the doctrine of his times and continue to apply detrimental
methods although humans got ill because of the prevalent applications of that time? Is it at all thinkable that he would have referred to a general hypothesis and continued to vaccine unconcernedly if he had observed with his own eyes the first signs of disease caused by vaccinations?
Hahnemann shows his tactfulness and responsibility toward sick persons in his instructions on remedy provings. In paragraph 137 of the Organon he writes about the effects of excessively large doses of medicines:
“not to mention that it is dangerous – something that cannot be a matter of indifference to anybody who respects mankind and counts even the lowliest of men as his brother.”

James Tyler Kent and vaccination
I have investigated the pros and cons of vaccinations and after perennial observations and accurate weighting of circumstances I came to the conclusion, that the proofs that argue for vaccinations are very doubtful. In fact vaccinations have contributed enormously to damage individuals and the entire mankind. They caused many humans to get sick, have produced many ulcers and have masked, I don’t doubt this, many constitutional ailments.  If I weigh all this then I can’t see any reason why I could  recommend vaccinations. I have refused vaccinations for many years and if a patient absolutely wants to get vaccinated then he has to resort to another person. I do not assume responsibility. I have applied an array of medicines prophylactically as long as the disease was prevailing and therefore I have several arguments for it, that the indicated remedy prevents the disease.

Published in: “The Homeopathic Recorder”, Vol. XVI, No.12, 1901
'Post-vaccination syndrome' has for several years now been an increasingly common diagnosis in my daily practice

The PVS can be divided into an acute and a chronic syndrome.

The following are the main symptoms of the acute syndrome:
 absent-mindedness,
 bronchitis,
 convulsions,
 Cot death.
 diarrhoea,
 encephalitis and/or meningitis,
 excessive somnolence,
 fainting/shock,
 fever,
 frequent and inconsolable crying,
 limbs swollen around the point of inoculation,
 penetrating and heart-rending shrieking (cri
 pneumonia,
 whooping-type cough,

The chronic symptoms seen are as follows:
Behavioral problems such as fidgeting, aggressiveness,
irritation, moodiness, emotional imbalance, confusion, loss of
will-power, mental torpidity.
Colds, amber or green phlegm,
Disturbed development,
Disturbed sleep with periods of waking and crying,
Eczema, allergies,
Excessive thirst,
Growth disturbances,
Inflamed eyes,
Inflamed joints,
Inflammation of the middle ear,
Lack of concentration,
Lack of coordination,
Lack of vigor,
Loss of eye contact,
Loss of memory,
Muscle cramps,
Rigidity of the back,

A child aged 4 years comes with tics on the face since few months, it all started after taking a booster injection of DPT two months back; also the child had a very aggressive behaviour which worried the parents. He was very rude with his class mates, he was also having bouts of anxiety in the morning, he had a know fear of dog, no appetite and shrieks when anything is refused. I gave stramonium 30, few doses with total disappearance of tics and the abnormal behaviour.

Few rubrics very useful in practice to treat a case of vaccination syndrome:

Mind; ANXIETY; vaccination, after: Thuj.
Head; INFLAMMATION of: Brain; Eruptions, from suppressed;
Eczema from vaccination, after suppressed: Bac.
Head pain; GENERAL; Vaccination, from: Thuj.
Eyes; INFLAMMATION; Vaccination, after: Thuj.
Eyes; INFLAMMATION; Conjunctivae; Vaccination, after: Thuj.
Eyes; INFLAMMATION; Cornea, Keratitis; Vaccination, after:
vac., vario.
Stomach; PAIN; General; Vaccination, after: Thuj.
Stomach; NAUSEA; Vaccination, after : Sil.
Rectum; DIARRHEA; vaccination, after: ant-t., apis, sil., thuj.
Stool; Vaccination, after: apisin., thuj.
Respiration; ASTHMATIC; Vaccination, after: thuj.
Respiration; ASTHMATIC; Children; Vaccination, after: thuj.
Cough; VACCINATION, after: thuj.
Extremities; EMACIATION; Upper limbs; Vaccination, after: maland., thuj.
Extremities; ERUPTIONS; Pustules; Leg; Vaccination, after: sulph.
Extremities; ERUPTIONS; Varicella, like; Vaccination, after: syc-co.
Extremities; PARALYSIS; Lower limbs; Vaccination, after: thuj.
Extremities; SUPPURATION; Finger, Nails; Vaccination, after: Thuj.
Extremities; FELON; ONCHYIA; PARONYHIA; Run-around;
Vaccination, after: Thuj.
Extremities; SWELLING; Shoulder; Vaccination, after: apis,thuj.
Extremities; SWELLING; Upper arm; Vaccination: Sil., sulph., Thuj.
Sleep; RESTLESS; Vaccination, after: thuj.
Sleep; SLEEPLESSNESS; Vaccination, after: mez., thuj.
Skin; ERUPTIONS; General; Vaccination, after: crot-h., maland., mez., sars., skook., sulph., vario.
Skin; ERUPTIONS; Eczema; Vaccination, after: ammc., kalim., maland., mez.
Generalities; VACCINATION; after: acon., ant-t., apis, ars., bac., bapt., bcg, bell., bufo, carc., crot-h., diph., echi., graph., gunp., hep., kali-chl., lac-v., lepro., Maland., med., merc., merc-cy., Mez., nat-bic., ped., phos., psor., rhus-t., sabin., sarr., sars., sep., SIL., skook., SULPH., syc-co., THUJ., Tub., Vac., vario.
Generalities; VACCINATION; after; Diphtheria injections: diph., merc-cy.
Generalities; VACCINATION; after; Yellow fever vaccination: ars.
Generalities; VACCINATION; after; Meningitis injections: apis
Generalities; VACCINATION; after; Smallpox vaccination: maland., thuj.
Generalities; VACCINATION; after; Typhus: bapt.
Generalities; VACCINATION; Prophylactic: sulph., thuj., vario.
Generalities; CONVULSIONS, Vaccination, after: Sil., thuj.

Dr. Farokh Master M.D. (Hom), Ph.D.
Senior Homoeopathic Consultant
- Bombay Hospital
- Bhabha Atomic Research Centre
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