What is the Homeopathic approach to control Diabetes Mellitus

Dr Master Farokh MD., Ph.D. his daughter and
Dr Juan Manuel Martínez MD.
What is the Homeopathic approach to control Diabetes Mellitus 

Homoeopathic approach for Diabetes mellitus is strictly individualizing every single case, analyzing the physical as well as mental constitutional symptoms and selecting single homoeopathic remedy.

 During constitutional homoeopathic treatment diabetes mellitus we  usually advice investigations periodically on an average 3 months and I some cases early also.

Following are the common investigations:
a) Plasma glucose concentration (Fasting and Post Prandial).
b) Glycosylated hemoglobin, to measure long term glyceamic control.
c) Plasma lipid levels to rule out increase level of triglycerides and low
density lipoproteins.
d) Routine urine for albumin to rule out early evidence of diabetic
e) Serum creatine levels.
f) Regular eyes check up to detect early diabetic retinopathy.
g) Weekly measurement of blood pressure to rule out hypertension
which is so frequently associated with diabetes mellitus.

The following homoeopathic medicine has been extremely useful in my  practice.

a) CODEINUM when there is excessive skin irritation (Itching due to diabetes mellitus).
b) PHOSPHORIC ACID when diabetes mellitus starts after some nervous exhaustion, working too hard or disappointment in relationship.
c) Remedies like GUN POWDER, STAPHYLOCOCCINUM AND MELALEUCEA ALTERNIFOLIA are extremely useful for diabetic carbuncle and gangrene.
d) Remedies like UREA PURA, AMPELOPSIS QUINQUEFOLIA are extremely useful for diabetic nephropathy.

The treatment for diabetes mellitus in homoeopathy is extremely effective but people do not come to us in early state and hence once the pathology is advanced we cannot cure but only palliate the condition.
 On an average in my Homoeopathic Health Centre I receive approximately 20-30 new patients every month with high creatine level and uncontrolled diabetes mellitus. There patients have been advised dialysis but with my experience of last 20 years I am able to prevent dialysis in majority of these people with the help of constitutional treatment and proper diet control. I have been successful to arrest the further progress of diabetic nephropathy.

 In our clinic we give advice for diabetic diet:
a) Fruit and leaves of drumsticks (saijan ki phalli) and patola are very useful for the diabetic patient.
b) Fenugreek (methi) seeds, when given in varying doses of 25 grams to 100 grams daily, diminishes reactive hyperglycemia in diabetic patient. Soak 10-12 fenugreek (methi) seeds in one-fourth cup of
water overnight and have both- the seeds and the water, next day in the morning with a glass of water. This is beneficial for people with diabetes. You can also powder the methi seeds and take one teaspoonful of this powder with low fat milk daily for at least two months. This will keep the blood sugar level under control.
c) The diabetics should take two raw string beans (runner beans or French beans) daily.
d) Have bhindi (okra) soup daily, this will keep the diabetic patient healthy.

 Method to prepare bhindi (okra) soup:
Take 6-7 raw bhindis and wash them thoroughly. Slit them lengthwise (do not cut the bhindi into two halves, just slit them). Boil them in one litre of water till the water is reduced to half. Strain this liquid and
drink it plain or with salt and pepper if you so desire. You mat throw away the boiled bhindi, do not squeeze the bhindis while straining.

Having bhindi water is also useful, the method is wash and cut 3-5 bhindis lengthwise in two pieces or in two halves and soak them overnight in some water. The next morning, remove the bhindis from the water and drink that water. Doing this regularly will make the sugar level normal within a couple of months.

Dr. Farokh Master M.D. (Hom), Ph.D.  http://www.drfarokhmaster.com/
Senior Homoeopathic Consultant
- Bombay Hospital
- Bhabha Atomic Research Centre
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