Low Vitamin C Linked to Intracerebral Hemorrhage

PHILADELPHIA — A new study finds a link between vitamin C depletion and increased risk for intracerebral hemorrhage (ICH).
In a case–control study, researchers found vitamin C depletion was more common among ICH cases than matched controls.
"This original study suggests that a low plasma vitamin C concentration is a risk for spontaneous intracerebral hemorrhages," lead researcher Stephane Vannier, MD, a neurologist at Pontchaillou University Hospital, Rennes, France, told Medscape Medical News.
"This link is probably associated with the role of vitamin C in blood pressure regulation and collagen biosynthesis," although other factors may also play a role, said Dr. Vannier.
These findings, he added, provide the rationale for clinical trials to test the efficacy of vitamin C supplementation in preventing hemorrhagic stroke and minimizing infectious or cutaneous complications in those sustaining an ICH.  
Preliminary results of the study were first released in February and were  presented here at the American Academy of Neurology (AAN) 66th Annual Meeting.
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