You can trace every sickness, every disease and every ailment to a mineral [a nutrient] deficiency

Dr. Hoffer and Dr Pauling
True Masters
Those statements are based in paper studies not in real life, orthomolecular medicine a branch of alternative-complementary has a broad experience dealing ailments with proper dosage of vitamins, aminoacid, trace elements, enzymes, etc.  The reality shows that there must be additional supplementation due to several reasons: electrosmog, enviromental polution, soil depletion, garbage food, lack of fiber in the diet, excess ingestion of extracalories by fast absorption carbohydrates, the food is not enough to bring all the amounts for a helathy living.  “Modern medicine is not scientific, it is full of prejudice, illogic and susceptible to advertising. Doctors are not taught to reason, they are programmed to believe in whatever their medical schools teach them and the leading doctors tell them. Over the past 20 years the drug companies, with their enormous wealth, have taken medicine over and now control its research, what is taught and the information released to the public.” 

― Abram Hoffer

The Father of Orthomolecular  Psychiatry

"You can trace every sickness, every disease and every ailment to a mineral [a nutrient] deficiency," Dr. Linus Pauling, the only person in history who was awarded two unshared Nobel Prizes.

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